Tapping into the Power of Moms

Naomi Cooper March 8, 2013

Tapping into the Power of MomsEveryone remembers the saying “Mom knows best”. Moms are the heart and soul, and very often the CFO, of the family. Moms may know best because they voraciously seek information in order to best take care of their families. And Moms are now a powerful marketing profile for dentists, as they are turning to the Internet in droves to when making educated healthcare decisions.

Here are a few recent statistics that speak to the “Power of Moms”:

– 3 out of 4 American Moms use Facebook (source)

– Women make 80% of household healthcare decisions

– 85% of Moms make the purchasing decisions for the household

– 90% of Moms are online vs 76% of women in general (source)

– 54% use smartphones (source)

What does this mean for dentists? Reaching out to moms and engaging with them online will help dentists connect with patients in new, proactive and successful ways they may not have done before.

It is important to state here that it is a smart marketing practice to to spread your advertising budget across various platforms, both traditional and modern, in order to reach as many patients as many times as possible, and as often as possible. However, moms are a powerful segment of your practice population, and it is important to identify the target patients you hope to attract to your practice — and to focus your efforts around the best ways to reach them.

Do you have a target patient profile for your dental practice? Are Moms apart of your target demographic? Why or why not?

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