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Dental Marketing Solutions for 2015

by Naomi Cooper January 14, 2015

Dental Marketing Solutions Looking to jumpstart your dental practice marketing? Or have you tried marketing in the past, but didn’t see any positive return from it?

It’s the beginning of a new year. It’s time to take charge of your practice growth and generate new patient flow. Implementing a marketing strategy will not only help attract new patients – while maintaining relationships with your existing patient base – but will also take the guesswork out of marketing.

I’m happy to announce the 2015 dates for my Smart Marketing Solutions seminar with Pride Institute. In the seminar, I’ll talk with you about how to create an overall marketing plan that includes mix of traditional and modern marketing techniques for your practice, including:

  • Effective dental practice websites
  • Social media strategies
  • Online patient reviews
  • What goes into a comprehensive online marketing plan

For more information, and to register for a seminar near you, click on the links below. Hope to see you in 2015!

Washington DC – February 27-28

San Francisco – April 17-18

Atlanta – October 9-10

Chicago – December 4-5


Dental Practice Marketing: 5 Reasons to Get Your Team Involved

by Naomi Cooper October 29, 2014

Dental Practice Marketing: 5 Reasons to Get Your Team InvolvedNothing keeps the dental practice moving forward like having staff meetings or morning huddles. Gathering the team together can open the lines of communication, and keep the staff abreast of new marketing tactics. When I’m consulting with my dentist clients, I remind them of the importance of staff meetings, especially when it comes to the marketing plan.

Here are 5 ways staff meetings can have a meaningful impact on your practice marketing:

  1. Better Return on Your Marketing Investment: Your marketing budget will be executed best when everyone is working together. For instance, the front desk needs to be aware of all current marketing campaigns since they should be asking the question “How did you hear about us?” or “Whom may we thank for referring you to the practice?” every time they speak with a new/potential patient. A staff meeting is the perfect time to keep the team informed.
  2. Increased Participation: In addition to keeping your staff informed, a staff meeting can be a great way to get them involved and invested in the marketing strategy. Show your entire staff what kind of marketing you are doing and when it will be hitting the marketplace. Tell them how much it costs and what kind of return you expect. And above all, remember to reward your team members for helping to make the campaign a success.
  3. Increased Word of Mouth: The entire team needs to be actively participating in the internal marketing process and proactively asking for patient referrals (and online reviews). This doesn’t come naturally to most people, so a staff meeting based around verbal skills training for the team is a must!
  4. Increased Input: Good marketing sometimes requires out-of-the-box thinking and a great way to generate new ideas is to solicit the input of your staff. Use your next staff meeting to host a brainstorm session to come up with ideas for a new branding strategy or to gather topics for upcoming blog posts or social media updates.
  5. Create a Sense of Ownership: As a dentist, between managing the practice and treating your patients, you already have enough on your plate — so delegation can pay off in spades. Designating a staff member to take the reigns on a specific aspect of the marketing – managing the social media calendar, writing blogs or tracking the response from a particular campaign, for instance – can help increase their engagement and give them a greater sense of personal responsibility.

As you can see, staff meetings can play an integral part of the practice marketing strategy. When the staff feels an increased sense of ownership, you’ll see that your return on your marketing investment will improve dramatically. The team will be more satisfied, the dentist will be happier and the practice will be operating more efficiently, making staff meetings a true, all-around winning solution!


6 Ways to Improve Your Internal Marketing 

by Naomi Cooper October 7, 2014

6 Ways to Improve Your Internal Marketing When dentists hear the word marketing, they often think of external marketing and promoting their dental practices to the public. When it comes to increasing new patient flow, sometimes you don’t have to look any further than your existing patient base.

Internal marketing focuses on building long-term relationships and instilling trust and loyalty in patients. This is accomplished through strong communication skills, starting with the front desk, the hygiene and dental teams, and even ongoing communication after the patient leaves.

I recently wrote an article on this very subject for Dental Products Report6 Simple Steps to Elevate Your Internal Marketing. With the right internal marketing processes in place, your best patients can also be your best advertising.


3 Strategies for Generating Online Patient Reviews for Your Dental Practice

by Naomi Cooper January 29, 2014

3 Strategies for Generating Online Patient Reviews for Your Dental PracticeIn today’s digital world, word of mouth has grown from a purely one-to-one communication to a one-to-many model by the increasing popularity of online patient review sites, where any of your patients can become a virtual billboard for your practice by writing a glowing review online. So remember, when a patient gives positive feedback verbally, it is the perfect opportunity to engage them and ask for an online review!

Encourage patients to post a positive review on your practice’s profile on sites such as Yelp, Google+ Local and Healthgrades.com, so that when potential patients are researching your practice online, they will see the satisfied experiences of your current patients.

To make internal marketing most effective, here are 3 “Must-Do’s”:

* Everyone in the practice should ideally be asking for referrals and online reviews every day. The experts at Pride Institute offer terrific training on internal marketing verbal skills for the entire team.

* Have a staff meeting to launch the internal marketing initiative and get everyone on board and committed to the plan.

* Implement a system to acknowledge and reward patients who refer new patients. The Viva Referral System is one solution that automates the referral acknowledgement system, making the internal marketing process easier to track.

Perhaps the most important element of any internal marketing program is consistency. Committing to the growing the practice through word of mouth is the best way to build momentum for the practice and creating patient ambassadors will continue to drive new patients through the front door for years to come.


Sesame Communications & Healthgrades: Reaching New Patients Has Never Been Easier

by Naomi Cooper November 5, 2013

Sesame Communications & Healthgrades: Reaching New Patients Has Never Been EasierAt last week’s American Dental Association Annual Session in New Orleans, Sesame Communications and Healthgrades announced their partnership to provide the dental industry with a premier solution in online marketing and reputation management. Dental practices that use Dental Sesame or Ortho Sesame will now have access to a Healthgrades Enhanced Profile for a low monthly fee.

This service is currently available exclusively for Sesame clients and features include preferred profile placement, increased visibility as well as the ability for patients to submit appointment requests online. Enhanced profiles also provide doctors with the ability to increase the quantity, quality and verifiability of patient reviews; Sesame’s post-appointment survey responses can be pushed directly to Healthgrades.com via this new collaboration between the two companies.

But the real news is the access that participating dentists will have to such a large and qualified pool of potential patients. Healthgrades.com has over 250 million visitors per year —and over 20 million of those visitors are looking for an oral health professional. These patients are on the Healthgrades site because they are looking for, and are ready to make an appointment with, a local dentist.

Why not put your practice’s information — and your patients’ positive ratings — at their fingertips? Get more

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information at Sesame’s website or in this Dental Products Report video.


Twitter for Dentists: Using Social Media to Grow Your Practice

by Naomi Cooper April 23, 2013

Twitter for Dentists: Using Social Media to Grow Your PracticeHere on the blog, we often talk about social media, with many posts have been geared toward Facebook.  We haven’t, however, talked much about Twitter. While not as universally used as Facebook, Twitter still boasts 500 million users. This social media site remains a successful method for dentists to reach new patients and connect with both the local and online communities.

What’s unique about Twitter is that every single word you’ve ever tweeted is public and searchable unless it was specifically marked private. That means anyone who happens to be searching for any of the keywords you’re tweeting about will find your tweets. This is an incredible way to build a loyal base of followers, regardless of whether they actually know you or not. And because about half of Americans don’t have a dentist, if your Twitter followers are in your local area, they certainly have the potential to become your patients when they’re ready.

I recently came across this informative blog highlighting Twitter from the social media guru Jeff Bullas. Click here to read the blog and discover his 40 ways to increase your Twitter followers.

Facebook is not the only option when it comes to connecting with your patients online. Twitter is a simple and quick way for dentists to distribute information and engage with followers within a matter of seconds.

Do you use Twitter in your dental practice? What has made it successful for you?