SEO for Dental Practices: What’s Your Approach?

Naomi Cooper February 25, 2014

SEO for Dental Practices: What’s Your Approach?How familiar are you with SEO? Most business owners may have a base-level knowledge of the subject but it’s difficult to stay on top of the constant changes. Dentists typically fall into 1 of 2 camps: some hire SEO experts to handle it for them, while others have more time and/or interest to do it themselves.

Outsourcing is a great way to maximize your online strategies. Hiring a trusted vendor can give you peace of mind knowing that patients are able to find your practice online while giving you your freedom to focus on providing quality dental care to your patients.

The marketing authorities at HubSpot have outlined 14 common SEO myths and shed some light on what it is that really goes into a smart online strategy (HINT: content matters!).

Their whitepaper gives you the lowdown on the most common myths pervading the marketing industry and how you can best avoid them. It’s a definite must-read if you approach SEO with a DIY-mentality. And even if you are looking to hire an external vendor, arm yourself with this information so that you know the right questions to ask in order to find the best professional you can.

What is your approach to SEO when it comes to your dental practice? Feel free to share your experiences below!

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