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5 Things to Know About Marketing Your Practice in 2018

Dental Products Report, December 2017

Making Dollars and Sense of Your Dental Marketing

Inside Dentistry, November 2017

Six Surefire Ways to Build Rapport With Your Patients

Inside Dentistry, September 2017

6 Signs Marketing Your Dental Practice Could Be a Waste of Time

Dental Products Report, July 2017

The Evolution of Patient Communication

Dental Products Report, May 2017

Online Marketing 2.0

Dental Products Report, May 2017

4 Secrets for Successful Online Marketing

Dental Products Report, February 2017


How You Can Become the King or Queen of Content Marketing

Dental Economics, November 2016

3 Tips for Tackling Negative Online Reviews

Dental Products Report, September 2016

Social Media Trends for Today’s Dentist

Inside Dentistry, September 2016

5 Website Design Tricks Dentists Should Use – and 5 to Avoid at All Costs

Dental Economics, August 2016

5 Modern Methods for Reaching the Moms in Your Market

Dental Products Report, July 2016

5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Building Your Marketing Budget

Inside Dentistry, May 2016

The Price Paid for Not Marketing: Can You Afford It?

Dental Economics, April 2016

3 Ways to Set Social Media Goals that Work for Your Dental Practice

Dental Products Report, April 2016

Why NOW is the Time to Update Your Dental Practice Website

DentistryIQ, April 2016

6 Essential Skills for Leading a Successful Dental Practice

Inside Dentistry, March 2016

5 Important Office Updates for a Modern Practice

Dental Products Report, January 2016

Boosting Your Online Reputation: 10 Hacks Every Dentist Should Know

Dental Products Report, January 2016


7 Patient Communication Hacks for the Digital Dental Office

Sesame Communications Blog, December 2015

The Dental Website: Laying the Foundation for Online Success

Sesame Communications Blog, November 2015

Dental Practice Branding: Helping Patients Get to Know You

Inside Dentistry, November 2015

Brand Awareness & Lead Generation: Have the Right Message in the Right Place at the Right Time – with Rachel Mele, General Manager, Vennli

Apex360, November 2015

7 Steps to Creating Dental Practice Videos

Dental Products Report, October 2015

How to “No” Your Way to Marketing Success

Dental Products Report, October 2015

Front Desk Verbal Skills in the Dental Practice: A Make or Break Proposition

DentistryIQ, September 2015

The Recipe for Online Marketing Success

Inside Dentistry Practice Management Resource, September 2015

The Secret to Filling Chairtime

Inside Dentistry Practice Management Resource, September 2015

Goodwill Hunting: Branding and Tax Implications – with J. Haden Werhan CPA/PFS

Dental Products Report, September 2015

5 Ideas for Enhancing Patient Loyalty

DentistryIQ, August 2015

Understanding Social Proof

Sesame Communications, August 2015

6 Digital Tools for Becoming a Savvy Online Marketer

Inside Dentistry, July 2015

The Importance of Becoming a Digital Dentist

Dental Products Report, July 2015

Is Your Online Marketing Presence Enough? 5 Tips for Dentists

DentistryIQ, June 2015

Set Your Practice Apart: Fresh Ideas for Meeting Patient Needs & Achieving Practice Growth

Inside Dentistry, May 2015

The Role of Online Patient Reviews in Creating a Solid Reputation for Your Dental Practice

Sesame Communications, May 2015

Top Tips for Designing a Modern Dental Website

Dental Products Report, May 2015

9 Great Ideas for Social Media Posts for Your Dental Practice

DentistryIQ, April 2015

7 Tips for Using Social Media to Reach Patients of All Ages

Dental Products Report, March 2015

An Innovative Solution to Achieving Greater Practice Growth

Dentistry IQ, March 2015

#1 Tip for Online Branding Success

DentistryIQ, February 2015

Don’t Be Shy: Asking for Referrals

DentistryIQ, February 2015

Dental Wisdom: 3 Threats to Private Practice Today – with Dan Marut, DMD

Dental Practice Management, January 2015

5 Must-Ask Questions When Hiring an SEO Professional

Sesame Communications, January 2015

Inspiring Patient Loyalty Through E-Communication

Dental Products Report, January 2015

Social Media Strategies for 2015

Inside Dentistry, January 2015


Sticky Situations: How to Handle a Negative Online Review of Your Dental Practice

Dental Practice Management, December 2014

Search Engine Optimization 101

Sesame Communications, December 2014

Optimizing Dental Practice Websites for 2015 and Beyond

Inside Dentistry, November 2014


For Online Success, Make It Easy for Patients to Find You

New York State Dental Association News, October 2014

How to Focus Website and SEO Efforts for Success in 2015

Dental Products Report, October 2014

4 Ways Technology Maximizes Patient Engagement

Inside Dentistry, July 2014

Stop Wasting Your Marketing Budget

Inside Dentistry, June 2014


Improving Telephone Skills Can Pay Off Big

Dental Products Report, June 2014

The Top 6 Ways to Elevate Your Internal Marketing

Dental Products Report, June 2014


Attracting a New Target: The Uninsured Patient

Dental Products Report, May 2014


Dental Practice Branding: Naming Your Practice, May 2014

Growing the Dental Practice Through Effective Communication

Inside Dentistry, April 2014

5 Tech Tools to Boost Patient Interaction

Dental Products Report, February 2014

What to Know About Hiring an SEO Professional for Your Dental Practice

Dentistry IQ, February 2014

5 Signs You Need a Dental Marketing Consultant

Dental Products Report, January 2014


The Insurance-Free Dental Practice – with Dr. Dan Marut, DMD

Four Quadrants Advisory, December 2013

Why Online Patient Reviews Matter to Your Practice

Dental Products Report, October 2013

Facebook for Dentists: New Ways to Keep Patients Engaged

Sesame Communications Insider Insights, October 2013

How to Master the Power of Outsourcing Your Practice Management

Dental Products Report, September 2013

How to Outsource Your Lab’s Marketing to Better Results and Greater ROI

Dental Lab Products, September 2013

Make Your Practice More Visible Online

Dental Products Report, August 2013

Build a Better Practice Through Patient Communication

Inside Dentistry, August 2013

The Most Important (and New) Way to Market Your Lab

Dental Lab Report, August 2013

The Dental Practice Website: A Virtual Link Between Dentists & Patients

Sesame Communications Insider Insights, July 2013

Crafting (and Sticking to) Your Dental Practice Marketing Budget

Inside Dentistry, July 2013

How to Use SEO and Social Media to Grow Your Practice

Dental Products Report, May 2013

Mobile Marketing: What You Need to Know

Dental Compare, May 2013

How to Effectively Market Your Dental Practice in the Digital Age

Dental Products Report, April 2013

What You Need to Know to Make the Ultimate Dental Lab Website

Dental Lab Products, March 2013

How To Create the Ultimate Dental Practice Website

Dental Products Report, March 2013

Marketing Strategies That Work: What Every Solo Practitioner Needs to Know

Inside Dentistry, March 2013

How to be Smarter about Dental Brand Management

Dental Products Report, February 2013

Smarter Choices in Dental Brand Management

Dental Lab Products, February 2013

Your Prescription for Smarter Marketing

Dental Products Report, January 2013

Your Prescription for Smarter Lab Marketing

Dental Lab Products, January 2013


Don’t Be a Marketing Procrastinator

Inside Dentistry, November 2012

Cultivating Online Trust

Sesame Communications Guest Blog, October 2012

Minoa Marketing Launches New Company Website

DentalAegis, October 2012

Priming the Marketing Pipeline

Inside Dentistry, September 2012

Social Media Scoop, Part 2

Sesame Communications Guest Blog, August 2012

Six Social Media Tools You Should Be Using, July 2012

Social Media Scoop, Part 1

Sesame Communications Guest Blog, July 2012

Focus on Facebook

Inside Dentistry, June 2012

The Tech Effect Using “High Touch” Technology to Grow Your Patient Relationships

Dental Products Shopper, April 2012

7 Social Media Resolutions for 2012

Dentistry IQ, January 2012


Your Marketing Questions Answered by an Expert, Part 4

Dentrix, December 2011

Your Marketing Questions Answered by an Expert, Part 3

Dentrix, December 2011

What’s Your Online Reputation? Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Online Profiles and Patient Reviews

Dental Products Report, November 2011

Your Marketing Questions Answered by an Expert, Part 2

Dentrix, November 2011

Making an Impression: A Dentist’s Guide to Practice Branding

Inside Dentistry, October 2011

Think Like a CEO: Your Online Marketing Checklist

Dental Products Report, October 2011

Your Marketing Questions Answered by an Expert, Part 1

Dentrix, October 2011

Rethinking Dental Plans – with Dr. Dan Marut, DMD, Fall 2011

Under the Marketing Umbrella: Defining & Demystifying Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media

Inside Dentistry, June 2011

 Budgeting for Dentistry: Five Tips to Help Patients Afford the Treatment They Need

– with Dr. Dan Marut, DMD

Dentistry IQ, March 2011

What’s Your Address? Why the Internet is the New Real Estate to Covet

Dental Products Report, March 2011


Finding your Fee Schedule Sweet Spot – with Dr. Dan Marut, DMD

Dentistry IQ, November 2010

Getting Social: Using Social Media to Attract Your Target Profile

Dental Products Report, April 2010


Little Touches with a Big Impact: Making Patients Comfortable is Less Complicated than You Think

The Dental Assistant, September 2008


Marketing Your Practice: Know Yourself, Know Your Team, Know Your Patients

Women’s Dental Journal, September 2007