Facebook’s Promoted Posts: Useful Tool or Just Another Gimmick?

Naomi Cooper August 20, 2012

Facebook’s Promoted Posts: Useful Tool or Just Another Gimmick?Having a Facebook page for your business is becoming increasingly important. However, simply setting up a page isn’t enough. It takes time and effort to create a page that is engaging for your audience, not to mention building the number of Likes for your page.

Many users may not be aware of the fact that Facebook has an algorithm for who sees your posts based upon engagement, and so it is not guaranteed that all of your friends will always see 100% of all of your posts.

The organic way to maximize the reach of your Facebook posts is to continuously post meaningful, relevant and interesting content which causes your audience to Like, Share and Comment on. The more people engage with each post, the better the chance of more people seeing the post in their news feed.

Rolled out in May, Facebook now offers Promoted Posts. For a small fee, you can pay to have your posts appear in more of your fans’ news feeds.

There has been controversy over these new Promoted Posts.

  • Some feel that it is a great tool for small businesses to utilize when promoting special offers and discounts.
  • Others feel that Facebook is forcing users to pay in order to reach their fan base.
  • Facebook views these Promoted Posts as “small doses of advertising”. It is their way of getting small businesses to engage in advertising on their site.

What do you think? Would you pay to have your posts seen by more people? Please share your thoughts and opinions below.

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