Dental Marketing News: The New Google Updates

Naomi Cooper May 21, 2013

Dental Marketing News: The New Google UpdatesThings are busy at Google. Last week the people behind the most popular search engine announced updates to their algorithm, as well as a total redesign for their social media site, Google+. Here is a very brief breakdown of the Google news and what it means for dentists.

Google Algorithm Updates

Google announced they will begin “rewarding” sites they deem to be a subject matter authority, with the reward being a higher ranking in the search results. Exactly how a website is determined to be a subject matter expert is measured by the number of clicks a website gets, the freshness of the content — even localization seems to be factored in. Why does this matter to dental practices? Now is the perfect time for dentists to commit to improving their online presence. Dentists have the opportunity to become the dental expert within their local area. Adding an on-siteblog to the practice website and broadcasting blog posts across social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest can help to increase online reach while improving the website’s SEO at the same time.


Google’s social media component has gotten a major overhaul. The newsfeed has been streamlined and photos are predominantly featured…a seeming influence of Pinterest. Dentists should build upon the redesign by adding more photos and videos to their Google+ profiles, including pictures of the dentist, the team, shots of the practice, a welcome video and videos about common procedures. (Be sure to get a photo/video release signed by anyone appearing in any of the images or videos!) For more info on the new Google+, check out this blog from the online marketing experts at Qnary.

These are just 2 of the many updates Google has implemented recently. While always evolving, it’s safe to say Google and it’s components (search, Google+, Google+ Local and YouTube to name a few) continue to be a dominant force in the online marketing landscape today.

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