Connecting with Seniors Online and Through Social Media

Naomi Cooper August 2, 2012

Connecting with Seniors Online and Through Social MediaDoes your practice target seniors? Traditionally, tactics such as internal marketing and phone book advertising have been successful ways to reach your patients in the 65 years and older demographic. But as the reach of the internet continues to expand, more and more seniors are using the internet and engaging in social media, providing yet another way to reach patients and connect with customers.

According to a recent Pew Study, more than half – 53% – of all American adults over the age of 65 use the internet, and 34% of them use sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This age group is still in the minority when it comes to social media engagement, however their usage is growing at a rapid pace, and as our population continues to age, it stands to reason that these statistics will continue to increase.

This blog from My Social Practice offers further proof of the growing internet usage rates among seniors. So what does this mean for you? Social media is a growing influence that you can no longer afford to ignore. If seniors are a part of your target patient profile, beginning to engage online and building your practice’s presence on sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be yet another way to connect with your current patients, and reach new patients.

Have you noticed an increase in online engagement from seniors? What are some of the ways you currently reach the senior demographic? Please share your thoughts and experiences below.

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