Our Story

People love our name—and we are always asked what Minoa means. The name of the company is both personal and symbolic. The word Minoa is, of course, an anagram of Naomi, our founder’s first name. The name also fits from a historical perspective; the Minoans were a Bronze Age civilization widely considered to be one of the original sources of Western language, art and creativity.

Choosing this as the company’s name serves to highlight how we use our unique perspective and our team’s distinctive abilities to take a marketing challenge, deconstruct its elements, see its potential and to ultimately impart a new identity, direction and purpose.

We deliver what we like to call “structured creativity” to our clients in a variety of disciplines, including branding, online and offline marketing, social media, advertising and media buying and planning. Current and past clients include medical and dental practices across the U.S. and internationally, as well as dental manufacturers, marketing companies and professional associations.

Our founder and president, Naomi Cooper, has become a trusted and valued resource for dentists looking to market to patients and prospective patients as well as companies marketing products and services within the dental industry. Her expertise is proliferated through her speaking, consulting and regular editorial contributions to dental trade publications, as well as through her role as Chief Marketing Consultant for Pride Institute, one of the leading practice management consulting firms for the dental profession. In this capacity, she serves as Pride’s outsourced marketing expert, providing ongoing strategic and practical marketing advice to some of Pride’s most successful dental practices as well as to the Institute itself.