Mobile-Geddon: Did Your Practice Survive?

The online world braced for impact last week as Google changed its algorithm in a major way. Find out if your dental practice website could have been impacted...

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Dental Marketing: The Era of Social Proof and Social Search

What's your online reputation? Click here to discover modern strategies for crafting a strong digital presence for your dental office...

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Facebook for Dentists – What’s the Point? 

Using Facebook as a marketing tool is not just a passing trend but with so many dentists already on the site, it can be hard to stand out from the competition. Here are 4 ways to make your dental practice page more engaging...

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Dental Marketing: 5 Steps for Asking for Patient Referrals and Online Reviews

Is asking for patient referrals and testimonials a priority at your dental practice? Here are 5 simple steps for improving your internal marketing and sparking word of mouth for your office...

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How to Create the Best Social Media Post for Your Dental Practice Profile

Looking for ideas on how to craft more engaging social media posts for your dental practice? Click here for insight into what works best on each social networking site...

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Dental Practice Success: Lessons to Be Learned from a Top Online Retailer

What does your dental practice have in common with an online shoe store? More than you might think! Click here to find out what lessons can be learned...

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